30 Before Thirty

  1. Move to England 08/21/2015
  2. Write for a TV show
  3. Be paid for my writing (any amount)
  4. Have an acting agent
  5. Have a writing agent
  6. Be financially independent
  7. Contribute to retirement fund regularly
  8. Submit a show pilot
  9. Visit 5 countries England(8/15), France(8/15), Portugal(1/16), Scotland(3/16), Greece(4/16), Ireland(11/16)
  10. Meet a panda Edinburgh, March 2016
  11. Write with a partner July/August 2015
  12. Lose 40 35 pounds
  13. Have a regular writing gig
  14. Learn how to tap dance
  15. Learn to play an instrument (guitar, piano)
  16. Learn another language well enough to converse with a native speaker (Currently working on Spanish – I even have a classmate from Chile who lets me practice with her!)
  17. Become a published author
  18. Learn to drive stick
  19. Read all of Shakespeare’s work
  20. Perform musically in public
  21. Do stand up
  22. Dye my old wedding dress 3/6/15
  23. Start a record collection 9/8/16
  24. Have a piece of my writing performed 09/20/2015
  25. Have a garden
  26. See a favorite musical act (Fleetwood Mac/James Taylor/Michael Buble) in concert
  27. Be roommates with a friend
  28. Attend an industry award ceremony
  29. Finally kind of figure out my personal style
  30. Ride a motorcycle

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