Monthly Archives: April 2015

Neverending April

April is the month that won’t die.  I’m pretty sure that while everyone else has been experiencing this month in the usual time-space continuum, I have been stuck in some sort of alternate reality where I’ve spent an entire year in April 2015.

Part of this is due to work.  There’s some sort of mandate that requires us to celebrate every fricking thing in a person’s life, so we’ve had a never-ending stream of baby showers, wedding showers, and retirement parties.  This fact alone, and the cake that accompanies it, wouldn’t be much of a problem if we didn’t, for some inexplicable reason, also have to do crafts for each of these celebrations.  Guess who is good at crafts but hates them and also works at night when it’s dead and ends up doing them?  Moi.  I’m telling you, if I have to cut out another 100 hearts or cars or butterflies from construction paper I’m just going to take those scissors to my jugular.  Not only am I bored, I absolutely hate what I’m doing when I’m not bored.  This phenomenon has caused me to come to resent some of the coworkers I previously liked, as I cut out stupid things for their stupid party or string up stupid things for their stupid party.

Not that I’m bitter.

I know that all of this ennui is just a product of the fact that I feel like my life is on hold until I start school.  Yes, I’m still spending time with friends and trying to do things that interest me, but I don’t see much use in starting something new if I’m going to be leaving in a few months, especially if that thing means meeting new people.  I don’t want to make a new friend, only to leave in 3 months and never see them again.  In a similar vein, dating is completely off the table, because I don’t want to meet someone I really like only to leave in a few months.

So that’s been my April.  I hope everyone else had a better go (or two or twelve) of it.