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30 Before Thirty #22: Dyeing My Old Wedding Dress

That’s right!  I dove straight in to slaying that list.  I’ll have you know I already speak half-fluent French (French being as quantifiable as any other language can be) and finished 3 of Shakespeare’s plays.  But while some of the things on my list take time to master or execute, there was one thing that needn’t wait…


Do it.  Do it.

So here, in a comprehensive but in no way technical account, is how I did the deed.

1. Assemble tools.  Realize you need more tools.  Also get those tools (like gloves). (The bucket was $3 at Lowe’s)



2. Don protective clothing to which you have little to no sentimental attachment.


3. Boil water.  Realize you are not going to have nearly enough water because, holy crap, that bucket is huge.  Put on more water and pray it is enough.DSC00629

4. This would be a good time to put on Radio 4, which is surely more entertaining than watching water boil.DSC00626

5. Put the water in the bucket, mix in the dye, and throw in the dress.DSC00630

6. Enlist a feline companion to keep you company while the dress soaks for 30 minutes (or more if you’re not obscenely impatient like me).


7. Rinse it real good!


8. Try it on!DSC00652

The dress is a polyester-cotton blend, which I think is why the coloring is so different throughout.  I really like the effect, though!  The color is also nothing like I thought it would be.  I was going for a deep cobalt blue, but I think I like the lilac color even more. *cue metaphor for life*

It occurred to me afterwards that it might seem weird to keep the wedding dress after you’ve divorced, let alone dyeing it to use again.  I did some research to see what other divorced women have done with theirs.  As far as I can tell, it’s whatever they want.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot of the “remnants” of my marriage that no longer served me but I want to keep the dress.  I don’t want to entirely strip that part of my life from memory – after all, on my wedding day, at least, I was happy.  I don’t want to forget that just because the moments that followed weren’t as pleasant – if we did that, there would be nothing in life worth remembering.  I see dyeing the dress as a symbol of how far I’ve come: molded by the past, but ready for the future.

Original 30 Before Thirty post


30 Before Thirty

While I have lifetime career and life-type goals, it’s often hard for me to condense those down into shorter-term goals that I can act on more immediately.  I’m definitely the kind of person who sees the big picture, but has a harder time with the minutiae that make up that picture.  So, as an experiment, I forced myself to sit down and actually think of things I want to accomplish or do before I’m thirty.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the results that they now hang on the cork board over my desk and, just to give myself some added motivation, to post it here!  When I complete these, I’ll be providing updates and details, of course!

(Yes, I know the first one is a little bit of a cheat… but I haven’t moved yet, so it still counts!)

  1. Move to England
  2. Write for a TV show
  3. Be paid for my writing (any amount)
  4. Have an acting agent
  5. Have a writing agent
  6. Be financially independent
  7. Contribute to retirement fund regularly
  8. Submit a show pilot
  9. Visit 5 countries
  10. Meet a panda
  11. Write with a partner
  12. Lose 40 pounds
  13. Have a regular writing gig
  14. Learn how to tap dance
  15. Learn to play an instrument (guitar, piano)
  16. Learn another language well enough to converse with a native speaker
  17. Become a published author
  18. Learn to drive stick
  19. Read all of Shakespeare’s work
  20. Perform musically in public
  21. Do stand up
  22. Dye my old wedding dress
  23. Start a record collection
  24. Have a piece of my writing performed
  25. Have a garden
  26. See a favorite musical act (Fleetwood Mac/James Taylor/Michael Buble) in concert
  27. Be roommates with a friend
  28. Attend an industry award ceremony
  29. Finally kind of figure out my personal style
  30. Ride a motorcycle

February in Review

  • Lydia and I went horseback riding.  I turned back into a 12-year-old.  It was wonderful.0207151102a
  • I turned off my OKCupid account.  Again.  Because that’s how women play hard to get these days.
  • Lydia and I also went to the Downtown Orlando Food and Wine Fest.  We ate overpriced cupcakes and drank grocery store wine which left us thankful we didn’t have to pay for the tickets.  But still, it was pretty damn fun.
  • We’ve started watching Turn – or as we affectionately call it “Turnt”.  Basically, every time someone turns we yell “S/he got turnt!”  You could even make a drinking game of it, call it Turnt, and get turnt yourself.  I recommend for anyone who enjoyed The Patriot.  The new season starts on April 13 on AMC, so get caught up on Amazon!
  • My new favorite song is “Bills” by Lunchmoney Lewis.  It’s a catchy combination of jazzy ragtime and hip hop.  I listen to it on repeat and it’s always stuck in my head.  I just need to know when we’re going to get a whole album!
  • I’ve gotten really into audiobooks lately.  Not only does it give me something to look forward to on my drive to work (blegh – Florida driving) but I think it actually keeps me calm.  I can get kind of stressed out while driving (again, I attribute that to being in Florida) and giving myself something else to focus on (while still focusing on the road) is a huge help.  It’s also gotten me through a couple of books I couldn’t finish if I had been reading them – namely, JK Rowling’s adult fiction novels.*
  • On February 21, I reached the 6-month countdown to England.  It still doesn’t quite feel real but with each month that passes it starts to become more of a thing that’s happening to me and less of a thing I want to do or am planning to do.

All in all, a quiet but fun February!


*Of course I love JK Rowling, but there’s something about her writing for adults that makes me feel like I’m slogging through a bog of half-solidified Jello.