You know when you’re a senior in high school and you get senioritus?  Or when you’re a senior in college and you get senioritus?  What do they call it in grad school?


Because… I like tacos and I’m planning on moving to southern California?  I dunno, don’t judge me.

Whatever it is, I have it.  Which is unfortunate because this is kind of go time.  The first year was all fun and games, writing ten-minute screenplays and writing faux-academic papers about workplace sitcoms, but right now I’m trying to write a full length screenplay.

Which I’ve done before.  Except now I know the right way and the wrong way to do it – and it turns out my first try was mostly the wrong way.  That’s okay; it was a learning experience, just like this is.  But now that I have all this knowledge in my head, now that I can see the spirit of Syd Field flinch whenever I use an adverb, and I’m doing this for a grade – like, most of it – it’s big ‘I’ Important.

Also, it’s way too early for this to be happening.  Inconveniently early.

I’m trying to pass it off as Christmasitus.  Or homeitus.  Or see-my-familyitus.  Which is probably the case, too.  As much as London is finally starting to feel like a place I live, not just somewhere I’m visiting, I’m looking forward to going back to somewhere that I’m not ‘the American girl’ and I don’t have to fly across an ocean to visit my loved ones.

I mean, I’ll still have to fly across the country to see them.  But land seems much less daunting.  Is it safer to crash over land or water?  Hold on, let me Google it.

The internet doesn’t seem to have reached a consensus, except maybe ‘Don’t crash.’

Anyway, my point is that… I’m not sure what my point is.  I’m not sure if anyone cares that it’s like pulling teeth to get me to write right now.  I’m actually losing interest as I write this.

I am doing it, though.  I think that’s the important part.  Yes, I am literally having dreams about my dog, but I’m doing the work.  Slowly but surely.  I guess… there’s a lesson here?  No.  Is it inspiring?  Definitely not.

Huh.  Okay.  Never mind.

PS: Ohhhhhhhh!  I just got why I wrote this.  PROCRASTINATION.

Here is a gif of Rik Mayall for your trouble.


We both are, Rik.  We both are.

PPS: God I miss tacos.


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